Why You Need A Property Microsite

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People are seeking your Website
A Property Microsite is the first level screening process for your property listings. What prospective customers find on the web influences their decision to do business with you – or NOT! Paper directories are very quickly becoming obsolete. Today’s savvy consumers go straight to the Web when shopping for property listings. What are you showing them?
What are they looking for?
They’re looking for information. They’re looking to make a connection. They’re looking for someone to trust. Not a “business”, but a person. They’re looking for a relationship with the people that make up the business.
The bottom line is that real estate customers are looking for someone they can trust. This explains why traditional forms of advertising, print ads, direct mail, flyers, etc., result in generally poor results—they don’t communicate a sense of trust. Personal references are the best form of advertising and, like all advertising methods, any advertising will work even better if there is a way for people to investigate you. A property microsite can provide this very valuable intermediate step in the building a business relationship. A specialized property microsite can provide the opportunity for you to make that essential good first impression and convince that person to take a risk on you.
Successful communication
To be effective your property microsite needs to communicate 3 things:
1. an image of your business: (quality of work, level of service, price range),
2. qualifications and capability to do what is required,
3. insight into the character of the PEOPLE behind the business.
The last item, people, is by far the most important aspect of your website. Without a doubt potential customers viewing your website are looking for a personal connection so they will feel secure in being your customer.
Deep down the average client doesn’t care to know what type of listing you have. What they want is a sense of confidence that your the agent that can solve their problem—with integrity and honesty! They don’t want to become experts on real estate. They want to get to know you and gain a sense of confidence in you.


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