DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION – We secure your own property microsite address or URL (ie. www.yourpropertyaddress.com)

WEB HOSTING – We house, serve and maintain files for your microsite, and provide Internet access (bandwidth).

PHOTO GALLERY – We scrutinize each photo to optimize, resize, sharpen and clean for maximum visual appeal.

DETAILS PAGE – We include video, text, images, links and just about anything you need on this page.

CONTACT PAGE – We include a contact form, all your info, text, images, and links.

EMAIL PLAN – We create a unique and professional email address based on your property.  (ie. info@yourpropertyaddress.com)

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) – We add searchable keywords to improve the amount of web traffic to your microsite.

MARKETING – We’ll actively promote your microsite on website directories, GPS devices, and all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SOCIAL VISIBILITY – We market your microsite on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more!

YOUTUBE VIDEOS (HD) – Every property website is featured on YouTube.com in high definition.

MLS COMPLIANT – We provide another unbranded version of your property website that is stripped of all agent information to comply with some MLS organizations.

SITE ANALYTICS –  We give you vital data about your visitors – data you can use to your advantage. More than 30 reports tell you everything from how many people visit and what paths they take through your site to where in the world they live. You can use this information to eliminate costly errors, focus your offerings, and target new customers with laser-like accuracy.

ONSITE PHOTOGRAPHY –  Available Upon Request.

* SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY – Bring more traffic to your microsite, Increase customers, Get your microsite listed on major search engines.

* EMAIL MARKETING – Gain new customers and keep current ones coming back with beautiful, full-color emails – no knowledge of HTML required! Built-in safeguards ensure your emails are legal and above-board all the way.

* GOOGLE ADWORDS – Use Google AdWords to create an ad for your microsite that appears in Google’s sponsored links section when targeted search words and terms are used.

* Optional

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